For the first time in years, I was proud of a project I completed for a class. I wanted to show it off to people I knew, to the class, and to the teacher.Normally I am shy about projects and am concerned that I completed the project incorrectly. With this project, however, I felt great.

Our group completed this project very successfully. We worked together fantastically as a team to get all the tasks done. We did a great job of pacing ourself on the project and separating different tasks and assigning them to different students. For our poster, we had several mini-articles which were assigned so each student had a single article to write as “homework”. This way,for our first meeting, we already had a large chunk of the work completed. The only work then was design work and editing of the articles which was done by me.

The genre of a piece should be reflective of the task it is trying to accomplish.Our task was to catch the eye of students, inform them, and then persuade them to come to Georgia Tech’s Public Night. We found that the poster was the best choice for this because it can be located anywhere and is very effective at getting people’s attention.

I am very proud of my work for this project and honestly cannot pinpoint any single piece of this project that I would like to change.

I believe that I was an integral part of the group project.While there was no official group leader, I feel as if I was a group leader. I led the meetings for us to work on the project and made sure we were meeting on time to accomplish the task in our timeline. The entire group worked incredibly well together and we finished our project the day we needed to have it finished to print it out before class on Monday. We stuck to our original plan and did not face many challenges related to scheduling or making time for the project. The biggest issue we faced was the actual construction of the poster. We used PhotoShop which no one in our group had ever used before. It was difficult work but we persevered.